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I am also breeding several types of Milk Snakes.I have been especially excited about my aberrant form of Cosala SIaloans.They have, perhaps,the brightest color of all the milk snakes.They retain the vibrant red,black and white as adults,which makes them one of the most popular milk snakes in the trade.The aberrant  patterns we are seeing today (striped and blotched) bring a whole new stunning look to an already beautiful snake.

They are easy keepers and for those who like a little more snake,they are larger in size than many Milk Snakes.They tend to be in the 4 foot  range.

Another milk snake I am very excited about is the Stuart’s Milk Snake.They are a little less commonly seen in the trade today,but they make beautiful pets.Unlike the Sinaloans, their scales are often tipped with black ,which gives a different dimension to their color and pattern.I am working with a striped aberrant pattern that is just awesome.I have two aberrant striped females that I’ll be using in this project.

Stuarts are a little smaller than Sinaloans in general,averaging 3 1/2 feet. Coming from dry grasslands they tolerate a dryer environment than some of the more tropical Milk Snakes.I have found them to be a fairly easy keeper.

I am also involved in some experimental projects which caught my interest a few years ago. The particular species cross I am doing at this time is a cross with Pueblan Milk Snakes bred to Banana California King Snakes. The resulting cross is called an Imperial Pueblan.These are strikingly beautiful “designer snakes”.There is a fair amount of variation, but with careful selection,some very dramatic looking offspring are being produced.I am keeping accurate genetic records with these breedings to insure that pure lines will not be compromised down the line. There is a reasonable market for these guys,though my tendency is to keep them all myself !

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