Corn Snakes – Available

Butter Motley Male #1 SOLD


This boy has nice, even motley markings that are bright yellow. He has a cool head pattern and nice lateral striping. He is a little smaller than his siblings but is an aggressive eater of frozen/thawed fuzzies. He is quite calm and will make a great pet for some one just starting out. Price: $40

Butter Motley Male #2 SOLD


This boy has great yellow color and deep caramel saddles. He has a striped lateral pattern breaking  into diamonds. It is reminiscent of his mothers pattern that is an odd combination of stripe and normal pattern (you can see her on Our Breeder Corns page). He is eating frozen/thawed hoppers. Price: $45

Butter Motley Male #3


This is a large boy with lots of color and extreme contrast. He is turning bright yellow with warm caramel two toned saddles and an interesting lateral pattern .He is an active boy, though not aggressive and should produce some nice bright yellow butters for you. He is eating frozen/thawed hoppers.  Price: $55

Butter Motley Male #4 SOLD


This is a good size boy with nice color and contrast. He is eating frozen/thawed fuzzy mice. He has a slightly lighter background color with dark caramel saddles. He is quite docile and will make a nice pet. Price: $40

Butter Motley #6


This is a beautifully marked male with bright yellow motley markings with deep caramel saddles. He has diamond shaped lateral markings. He is the largest of his siblings, an aggressive eater of frozen/thawed. He has extreme contrast and is a real eye catcher. Price: $65

Caramel het Amel and Sunkist SOLD

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  This is a brilliantly colored male from a Butter X Honey. He has great contrast and genetically he can produce Caramels, Butters, Amels, Sunkists and Honeys. He is  aggressively eating frozen/thawed  hoppers right out of your hand! He should be a good producer or a very cool pet.  Price: $45    SOLD

Okeetee Het Honey Male SOLD


This is a warm colored male bred from a Teserra male and Honey female. He has both amazingly clear contrast and a beautiful pattern. You will be able to produce Butters, Honeys,Caramels, Sunkist and Okeetees with this boy. He is very tame and would make a great pet to hang with. Price: $45       SOLD  

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