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Proven Adult Pied Male SOLD


This Pied male has produced some beautiful babies for us. He has a really nice pattern and quite a bit of orange and yellow coloration. He is about four years old and is ready to breed again this season. I am keeping his son Togo as a breeder (see Our Ball Pythons) so I no… Read more »

Pastel Het Clown Male


This four year old maleĀ  has striking contrast and bright colorationĀ  . He carries the Clown gene which is why we purchased him as a hatchling. He would also make a great looking pet but is capable of producing Clown babies if you are looking for an addition to your breeding program.I also have a… Read more »

Pastel Het Axanthic Male


Monte is a very tame adult Pastel male who carries the axanthic gene. We have decided not to continue Axanthic breedings so I have decided to offer Monte for sale. He has an amazing pattern and great color and is an aggressive eater. He will produce some nice babies or be an exceptional looking pet…. Read more »


2016-01-28 09.21.27

This low white male has a unique pattern and excellent color contrast. The orange and yellow coloration on his lateral borders is quite nice. He is a great eater and readily accepts frozen thawed mice, soft furs or rats. He is very docile and seems to enjoy hanging out with me more so that my… Read more »

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